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Hello, I see that there are 2 files to download for Windows. Is the exe file an installer or a self-extracting archive?


No installer, just a runnable exe.

Then why are there 2 of them with one being an .exe and the other being a .zip. Plus the zip is 136MB and the exe is 137MB

That comment is out of date. You can download either but if you don't want to use the installer pick the zip file.


Excellent Game! Our review

Made a video -

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OMG, this game was amazing!!! Had a lot of fun with it, and hope to see it fully released as soon as possible!!!

Thanks! I'm working on it!

Not a problem! Thank you once again for a great game! Please feel free to let me know when it is up and ready if you have the time / if you think about it. ahaha, I understand that you're busy yourself! XD

Cute game about happy jelly? Not bad : ) Love this game!

Your ChoppyPine

I am loving this game, and still working on a mini series for my channel. I'll leave a link if you don't mind :)

Pools of Creation - SO FLUFFY!