Made in 48h for Ludum Dare 49

You are 13 and all you want in life is to see that SEXY BOOBY on the interwebs. Too bad your family computer is a piece of junk, not having been updated in over a decade. It’s prone to slowdown, and crashes that keep you away from that SEXY BOOBY! SHUT UP MOM!

Can you handle a terrible piece of hardware and troubleshoot the issues that keep you away from your dream?! Or will you simply give up and spend all your time playing “SurFree” instead. The choice is yours.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
AuthorSilkworm Sweatshop
Made withGameMaker
TagsLudum Dare 49
LinksLudum Dare


LD49_sexybooby95 3 MB
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i wanted to see sexyboobys not going to lie

best game i have ever seen in my life


u guys discusting i am a girl

Okay -, and? I'm a girl and this is great lol

Deleted 265 days ago

and btw its just a bird


oh shit

i was playing caren

i am not a karen actually


Nice booba

10/10 nice job 

Better than triple A games


best game , good job mate


Ah yes, childhood...

best boobs i've ever seen..

Could you find a way to put on phone please.,



Deleted post

now that was some sexy booba

Epic Game

mmm, booba


loved it, loved the boob


I wouldn't call that booby sexy, but it's definitely charming

Had the same exact experience when I was 8 on my mum's computer.  Great game, had a laugh. 12/10


i legit went to see if the google was real first :"}

What a sexy booby.

Nice boobys


where booba :'(


just wantted some sexy boobies man


shit i thought boobs


(1 edit)

its just a black screen

edit:refreshed the page and it worked


I SAW DA BOOBY!!!! Honestly such a fun style and concept!! i loved it!!


booby acquired, returning to hq

Laughed so hard! Thank you!


Worth it just for the Windows 95 memories. Booby rainbow success!

i found the booby it is now mine


i got the sexy boobies.


what a great game. I love the boobies <3